Training and Education

Our thousands of employees are responsible for conducting the business in a manner that is aligned with our values, practices and purposes. And more: it is the work of this team that takes our products to the four corners of the globe. So ensuring adequate and ongoing training and education for the various areas and sectors is critical to BRF.

All of the company’s hierarchical levels are met by training and training programs, ensuring that all areas and positions have continuous learning.

The development of employees is one of the main pillars for the growth and strengthening of BRF. Training, training and training programs include participation in conferences and learning programs focused on individual needs. Check out our main programs:

The integration action positions the employee as the protagonist of his career and the business results, presenting to the professional our business model, our people, our culture and our products. We carry out face-to-face and we provide a digital platform with information about the company’s universe, giving the employee an immersion in the themes related to BRF.
The new leaders, promoted or hired, immerse themselves in the BRF Network, at which time they are presented to the strategic visions and the main projects and goals of the company. The goal is to accelerate connections with people and processes, their relationship with values and the faster achievement of results.

In order to develop, expand technical skills and guarantee the health and safety of its employees, BRF invests in qualification programs for legal and compulsory training, such as the regulatory standards 33 rescue in confined space and 35 work in height, among others. These trainings are delivered through external educational institutions and internally trained facilitators.

Develop, qualify and extend technical and behavioral skills of employees in legal and mandatory training, as well as aligned with the expectations of the markets with which we have commercial relations. In addition to complying with the legislation, we guarantee the safety of our professionals.

Internal training, with emphasis on Workplace Training (TLT) and for specific capacities such as the use of machinery, better agricultural practices, among others, that guarantee the employees’ safe behavior.

We have held several training sessions between Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman and Qatar in recent years. The trainings were directed to the entire business team, including managers, supervisors, vendors and merchandisers. The skills covered were the standardization of the sales processes, the merchandising and the product portfolio.

Program developed by BRF and directed to the training and qualification of professionals in the rural area, focusing on the continuing education of employees focusing on training of local teams, standardization of production processes and corporate teams, focusing on people management.

Beginning in 2017, Chicken Academy is an annual training that brings together the leading leaders in the chicken production chain. It addresses topics for expanding the integration of the production network, bringing together internal customers and suppliers, working the complexity of the processes together and bringing people closer to existing solutions in the company.
Participants also have the opportunity to meet, work together and exchange experiences with professionals from other units of the same geographic region, facilitating the dissemination of good practices and bringing people together.

This type of training is conducted annually with the integrated producers at the time of climate change and that mark the seasonality of the results in production. They are delivered by the units themselves and in different formats, reinforcing the main gaps which can affect the producer’s profitability and results.
The themes are approached in a playful and practical way and help the producers to see the differences in the management and follow-up of the lots at each time of the year.

A fundamental point in the production process, this stage is attended and closely monitored by the units, which monthly carry out various initiatives of training and training with leaderships, catching teams and outsourced suppliers. Among the concerns in this area are the safety of professionals working in this activity, biosecurity, critical points of the process, people management, animal welfare, among others.

BRF also invests in several visits with the corporate staff, made up of specialists in the various production areas, with the objective of assisting the productive units in meeting the expected results, problem solving and training of rural extension teams and operators. The topics covered offer additional knowledge, technical updates, reformulation of standards and innovation.
In addition to the internal team, BRF counts on the support of specialists of diverse subjects in partnership with suppliers in the area of genetics, poultry health, poultry equipment and nutrition.