Our culture

PEOPLE are the company’s greatest asset. For over 80 years, they have been moving, watching over each other, working alone and together, creating and inspiring projects and actions that make BRF one of the largest global companies with a goal: FEED THE WORLD!

Present in the homes of thousands of families, each of our more than 100,000 employees is committed, past generation after generation, to guarantee innovative, tasty, safe and quality products.


Since our origin, we have perpetuated a culture that transcends boundaries. It is a pulsating energy that all the collaborators transmit and receive from each other. This culture is Viva BRF: a set of actions, values and attributes that are reflected in our connection with the markets where we are, in the communities where we operate, in the relationships between managers and teams, in the partnerships between the areas and in the work of the day to day.

Viva BRF is a reflection and motivation movement whose main objective is to unite and integrate our employees around the world. It inspires with values and actions spread throughout the company: from the integrated to the administrative offices, through factories, distribution centers and sales forces.

With an extensive and complex production chain, Viva BRF is the space to recognize and amplify this feeling of belonging. A multiplier channel within the company and collaboration, based on our commitment to ensure transparency in processes and to produce globally and with quality.

With the support of this living culture within BRF, we also encourage our employees to adopt an increasingly active and spontaneous attitude, with a focus on making it happen. All are protagonists of their careers. Protagonists of their way of acting, thinking, producing, creating. And we, as a company that believes, encourages and stimulates the development potential of each one, we take care that all our employees can go together with non-hierarchical actions and valorization.

Thus, focusing on safety, health and care for the environment, we focus on quality and best practices in all sectors and areas of operation. Eternalizing this BRF culture that comes from generations. Who was born in the interior of Santa Catarina and went to the world and, after so many years, still lies in the essence of our work and our people. It is with the motivation to do together, with protagonism, love of owner and hunger to overcome that we continue with the mission of being one of the largest global food companies, admired by our brands and strengthened by our unique principle of feeding the world.