BRF Talents

Today, we have over 90,000 employees worldwide. People of 92 nationalities, who speak more than 29 languages, but who conduct the business in a way that is aligned with our values, our practices and with the main purpose of feeding the whole planet.

It’s these engaged people, dedicated to the well-being of the collective and committed by nature, who wear our shirt and proudly say, “We’re BRF!”.

Meet some of our professionals around the world and feel a little close to what it is like to live this experience inside the company.


Strengthening the management of our talents, leadership development and the promotion of cultural aspects present in BRF, such as “owner’s love” and our generations of employees, are the main opportunities we have to generate positive impact within the company. We have a team with 90,000 talented people. We need to further develop our skills to be excellent!”
Alessandro Bonorino 
Global VP of People
São Paulo (SP) – Brazil
“It’s enriching to understand how people in each region feed on each other and bring in new and different recipes, plus the many ways we can prepare our products.”
Paula Meloni
Events Coordinator
São Paulo (SP) – Brazil
“The moment we join the SAC, in addition to our training, we have the opportunity to go to the production units to know the entire production process.”
Raquel Palácio
BRF Customer Service Advisor
Itajaí (SC) – Brazil
“After more than 20 years, here I am, full of plans, in the same company, living the same feeling: pride to belong!”
Patrícia Matsunaga
QA Manager
Jundiaí (SP) – Brazil
“I’m very happy to be part of the BRF. I feel like it’s my second home here. “
Preemol Prasertsit
Imports and Exports
Bangkok – Thailand
“Working at BRF is challenging and very rewarding. Contributing to the production of food, to me, is like doing good.”
Roque Schmitz
Arroio do Meio (RS) – Brazil