Occupational Health and Safety

Wellness and protection of employee integrity are among the company’s overall priorities. Therefore, BRF has a serious and competent management in relation to worker health and safety, with guidelines established and disseminated through the HSE Management System, which prioritizes the elimination of accidents, work-related diseases and deaths.

Among the main impacts related to health and safety are:

• Medical expenses;
• Indemnities;
• Claims management fees;
• Indirect costs from equipment expenses and damaged goods;
• Loss of production and quality;
• Interruption of processes;
• Revenue loss;
• Labor replacement;
• Extra hours;
• Litigations;
• Damage to customer relationships and public image;
• Loss of lives and/or damage to the health of an employee.

Also in the health pillar we have a strategy focused on monitoring and prevention, through the BRF Health Centers. Among the programs applied are the pregnant women’s and newborn’s health, vaccination campaigns, changes in living habits and other specific local actions of each population.

Our units also have internal accident prevention committees and promote improvements in the management of HSE, even in cases where there is no legal obligation, and the HSE governance model represents 100% of the organization’s staff.